Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boycott "Tropic Thunder", just stay home 3

Dear Freinds and Readers,

If you have read my past posts in regards to the upcoming release of DreamWorks latest movie "Tropic Thunder" you will know my opinions of the movie. If you have not please scroll down the blog and you can read a few posts on the subject. As I write this there are many decisions being made by disability organizations about a boycott. I support their decisions but I have made my own decision. Here are a few points I would like to make:

1. DreamWorks has the absolute free speech right in the USA to make this movie and I defend them from that point first and foremost.

2. I have read many opposing thoughts on this issue from blogs supporting the movie and the fact that it is satire. That the movie is based on the fact that this is Hollywood making fun of themselves. Ok, I will buy into that for a minute. But what is the point of Mathew McConaughy's scene below?

In a conversation with his agent, played by Mathew McConaughey, Stiller’s Speedman talks about his plans to adopt a child. “At least you get to choose yours,” says the agent, looking sadly at a photograph of himself with a slack-faced teenaged boy who appears to have an intellectual disability. “I’m stuck with mine.” (The teenaged boy turns up with his father on an airplane later in the movie, staring vacantly out the window.)

3. In Hollywood as we see each and every day all publicity is good publicity. I think DreamWorks and the gang are all excited as hell about this brewing issue as they can see the cash rolling in.

4. I believe in this country all things are ruled by MONEY and POLITICS.

With those item covered here is "The BigDawg Challenge".

The only thing that matters in Hollywood is the money. As Tom Cruise made famous in "Jerry McGuire"......."SHOW ME THE MONEY"!

While I trust that each of you are really good people even if we don't agree on everything I am going to ask you to make a commitment. I am going to ask everyone of the millions of people in this country that have a disability or are the family and Friends of someone with a disability or a reader of this blog to just stay home from the movie theatres this week. Let's send a message to Hollywood, The Movie Theatres, Coke, Pepsi, the popcorn and the candy folks that enough is enough. They only understand the money folks plain and simple.

Now if it costs the average family $50.00 to go to the movie what should we do with that money?

Here are a couple ideas:

1. Have a great dinner at home around the table with the whole gang.
2. Have a party and invite your Friends.
3. Take the family out to eat.


Donate the money you would have spent on the movie, popcorn, coke and candy at the movie to the political campaign of your choice and I do mean of your choice. To all my Democrat, Republican, Independent and Libertarian friends.....write a check! Support the person you believe in and the expense of DreamWorks and the movie industry. Not sure who to send the check to.....I will help.

Senator Barack Obama or Senator John McCain or Senator Bob Barr


Governor Mitch Daniels or Jill Long Thompson

or a few of my other favorites

Governor Sarah Palin or Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers who both just happen to have children with Down syndrome.


Greg Zoeller for Attorney General


YOU DECIDE but make sure you tell me about who you choose. And I hope you have taken the time to know why you support your choice. Or if you don't want to donate to a campaign then how about:

National Down Syndrome Society Government Affairs or The Arc of Indiana


Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome

Ok, you get the drift!

I hope you will post links to this on your blogs or forward it in an email to each and every person you know. Just imagine the look on the faces of the theatre managers and the DreamWorks folks when the MONEY does not show up....

And even better the look on the face of the campaign finance chairs at the campaigns above wondering where all this money is coming from. Or the development folks at the above mentioned groups trying to figure out how to take credit for the cash

Together we can make life better for individuals with intellectual disabilities TODAY!

Peace Dude and Thank You for your Support.

This blog post has been approved and paid for by The BigDawg himself.

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