Sunday, August 03, 2008

John Mark Stallings 1962 - 2008

We got this news yesterday but I have just now been able to get to this post. I part of me is sad today and a part of me if full of joy. I will share why I am joyful in the next post but I am sad today as we have lost a hero. I hero in the Down syndrome movement. A gentleman that accomplished so much with the simple goal of being the number 1 Alabama fan. Many of you may have never heard of John Mark Stallings but will know his very famous father Head Coach Gene Stallings. I had the wonderful opportunity to have met both Coach and John since I entered this fraternity called Down syndrome. Coach Stallings' book "Another Season: A Father's Story was one of the first books I read after Nash was born as it was so relate able to me with Down syndrome and football.

John Mark Stallings passed away yesterday and his Obituary is on the link below. Goodbye John Mark, well done.

From the Montgomery Alabama Advertiser

I now ask DADS from around the world to show our respect for John Mark and to lift up The Coach and his entire family in this hour of reflection. I only know of one way...all together now...


Peace Dude and rest in peace my friend!


Anonymous said...

God be with you , and my prayers are with you.

You started out small the grew pretty tall,

Your Dad was just great, but my friend John he will have to wait,

Until you meet again, He will see your beautiful grin.

Someone who has watched you and your Dad share happeniess.
Janet Berry

Dave in Tampa said...

first class!