Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are they really that busy?

Today I received one of those newsletters paid for with tax dollars from one of my elected officials. It touts all this elected official has done for me over the last year. All the different things that have been done to lower my taxes and to bring new jobs to Indiana. The flyer did not mention our new unemployment rate or the recent discussion of the retirement plan of our General Assembly. Now some of the items listed were in all honesty good points. Some I think we a pretty big stretch. I has a few questions for this person that I have alot of respect for, so I shot off an email to this elected official. My jaw did drop though with the response I got back from them.

Thank you for contacting me by e-mail. Due to the extremely large volume of e-mail my office receives daily, we have begun sending an automatic response. However, I want to assure you, your concerns matter to me. I read all e-mail I receive from our district and I will certainly keep your comments in mind as Legislation is introduced on matters that concern our district and state.Again, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with me.Sincerely,

Wow, was my first response. Does this elected official really get that much email from the people that elected this person? I have read many many times how little response it takes on an issue to get the attention of an elected official. Has this changed? Have Hoosiers and Americans gotten so motivated and active this season that we have overwhelmed our elected officials with questions from the folks they work for?

Well I really don't have any idea how many emails this elected official actually receives but I do know one thing I get quite a few on a daily basis. Maybe I should set my office assistant on my email to send something out like this. Think my customers would mind?

Heck I have a better idea on how to save my tax dollars and lower my taxes. Stop right now sending out news letters from elected officials offices at tax payer expense. I get alot of junk mail everyday and this would cut down on that junk. It would save dollars, ink and paper which would be good for the environment.

Now there is a way to reduce my taxes.

Peace Dude!

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