Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is Rush Limbaugh a Celebretard?

If you have read my blog for awhile you will know that I lean to the left but also support many Republicans for office. You will also have read that I enjoy and listen regularly to The EIB Network and Host Rush Limbaugh!

As you read in my post yesterday the entertainment world is out of control with so called comedy at the expense of folks with intellectual disabilities and mental retardation. It seems to have become the comedy slur of choice. Today I learned of a new slur that I had not heard of before. Rush Limbaugh introduced me to the new word Celebretard!

Here is the definition from The Urban Dictionary:

A demeaning and insulting term for a celebrity that is not liked. Often found on websites referring to hated celebs. Refers to a "retarded celebrity" although not retarded in the classical sense; retarded in the sense they are ridiculous, pompous, divas, demanding, fashion disasters, in rehab, generally disliked by the media or fans, or have a reputation of being snotty and difficult.

Well El Rushbo decided to use the term today in referring to Paris Hilton's ad in response to John McCain's ad comparing Senator Barack Obama to her and other celeb's. I have listened to Rush for years on a pretty regular basis. I have always had respect for Rush's insight and entertainment humor. I even was on his radio show years back supporting him when he was the spokesperson for Florida Orange Juice while I was in the packaging machinery world. Yes, orange juice sales and production actually increased while he was their spokesman. With that said I also fully understand that Rush is an entertainer first and foremost but today I think he blew it.

Before I wrote this post I actually called the show today and talked to his screener and explained the issue I had with Rush using this new wave word and why. I was told my concern would not fit the format of the show today even though today was the day the word was used. But I was more then welcome to call back on Open line Friday! Well geez thanks!


I expect more from you then that. You are the one that has advocated for years that words mean things. For you to use a word invented in the celebrity world to slam Hollywood types by using this word comparing them to individuals with intellectual disabilities as negative crossed the line and really let me down.

Rush, you are much smarter then that and I expect more from you then becoming lazy in your use of the English language. You need to say it was not really very wise on your part to fall into the trap of using a word with this negative connotation. When I tune in to "The Excellence in Broadcasting Network" I expect to be educated and entertained in an intellectual fashion not to get a political version of "Entertainment Tonight".

In regards to calling in on Friday for "Open Line Friday" I think I will with the Nash man in mind. But in all honesty I doubt I will get back on the show.

In the meantime Rush, make it right and keep this fan listening and prove to me you are not a Celebratard but a Celebrellectual.

Peace Dude!

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