Sunday, August 10, 2008

Come on Hoosier Pundit, Give me a break!

Update: Scott at The Hoosier Pundit accepted my challange. Scott you are a good man and I think we agree more on this issue then we disagree. I was not defending Obama on his stand I was trying to say that I felt the logo meant all Obama supporters felt that way and that is what I disagreed with. Peace man and keep up the good work!

Well this is the kinda political stuff that drives me crazy.

Take a look at this post over at the Hoosier Pundit:

Scott come on......give me a break. While I respect your belief on abortion do you really believe that only left wing liberals terminate pregnancies? Do you really believe some of the companies on Wall Street that continue to develop earlier prenatal testing are all left wing Lib's? Do you really believe that no good hearted religious Republican has ever terminated a pregnancy?

You see as the Father of a son with Down syndrome I spend much time emmersed in this issue. The one thing I have learned over the years on this subject is I am not God and it is not my job to judge people. So I and the many groups I am involved with spend a great deal of time trying to get accurate information to the medical world and expectant parents. And guess what the termination rate for a positive prenatal test for Down syndrome is 90%!

Scott do you really believe that those 90% are all left wing liberal Obama folks? If you do then I can share the data with you to prove that is not the case by any means. I can share stories of good hearted right wing, pro life folks that have chosen termination based on these results and the info shared with them from their doctor. And we continue to push the envelope on earlier and earlier prenatal testing.

Scott this issue is not a right vs left issue....Roe v Wade may be but termination is not. It runs across the board and we need to fix it.

Now if we want to talk about real political issues on this subject let me ask this.

Why is it the R's want to overturn Roe v Wade but will not live up to thier own promise of fully funding their share of IDEA? They continually promoise to live up to their 70% of the additional cost yet have never done more then 17%?

How about NCLB which has no funding but very much puts kids with disabilities at a if you don't think this is fact based on good soundbites come spend the day with me and you might be surprised what you find out.

Why is it we can't get good legislation that would allow people with disabilites to be able to retain the services they need while pursuing full time employment? Instead we paint them into a corner of poverty so they don't lose the services they need.

And I could go on and on.....

But let me ask you this Scott, will you join me in supporting a boycott of the new movie "Tropic Thunder" which spends almost 30 minutes making fun of individuals with intellectual disabilities? Will you not only support kids with disabilities right to be born and not terminiated but will you support thier rights across the board through out their lives?

Come on you can do it!

Peace Dude!


Kim Ayres said...

Superb point!

AZ Chapman said...

I am in Jeff. I am not going to see a movie this week I don't know wh about my family.(My dad is a huge movie fan) I hope that I can can convince him to go rent a movie from blockbuster or safe way dose that alright?

I can't believe Ben Stiller my pal with DS loved Madagascar. If only Ben knew that there are other ways for making people laugh besides exploding the disabled.

I have a link to this post so y might be getting more comments from my readers . I hope that is fine with y.


Ps: sorry for the long post and come visit. Also why am not on your blog list?