Friday, August 08, 2008

Tropic Thunder - Mr. Speilberg you should be ashamed!

With all the talk of the new DreamWorks Movie "Tropic Thunder" and the now confirmed over 30 minutes of the film dealing with a Ben Stiller character where he plays an individual with mental retardation it made me ask myself a question.

Where is Steven Spielbergs and the Anti Defamation Leagues outrage at his own company?

This from the same individuals company that was behind the amazing movie "Schindler's List".

Here is a quote from an interview with Mr. Spielberg about the filming of the movie in Poland:

Well Mr. Spielberg I find the whole issue of comedy at the expense of Individuals with intellectual disabilities shocking! And I am more shocked that it is coming from your company. I would expect that with your concern for anti-semitism that you would be outraged that your company is behind this slur on individuals in our community.

In another interview about where you find inspiration for your movies the author says:

Well Mr. Spielberg as the father of a son with Down syndrome how do you think I would react to this movie?

Mr. Speilberg I ask you to step in right now and take back creative control of your company and take "Tropic Thunder" back to the editing room. Do what is right. Do with this film what you would do if you found out your company was releasing a film full of anti-semitism.

Peace Dude.


Laura said...

They can ALL kiss my ass! This movie so blows! Keep fighting the good fight my brother!

Miss you guys!
-YFNY....L :)

Archie said...

Absolutely. No accountability on this at all. Thanks for fighting alongside us brother-