Sunday, August 31, 2008

VP Choice Governor Sarah Palin

Dear Blogger world:

Please do me a favor before you write about Governor Palin's son Trig. Do your damn homework like you would on any other issue you would post about. A couple facts:

1. It's Down syndrome not Down's syndrome or Downs.
2. He is not Down syndrome or Downs he is a child with or happens to have Down syndrome. He is a person first!
3. He is not suffering from, afflicted with or inflicted with Down syndrome he just has Down syndrome which is a genetic disorder. Does this define him.....nope and is just one thing that will make up his personality.
4. Parents of children with Down syndrome are not different then any other parents. We are just normal folks with the same variety of beliefs as everyone else.
5. If you need info please check out these two links:

National Down Syndrome Society

National Down Syndrome Congress

In Indiana please see:

Down Syndrome Indiana

I have been amazed at some of what I have read and heard on your home work.

Or just drop me a note or give me a call and I can advise you if you like. Or better yet I can send Nash over.

Peace Dude!


AZ Chapman said...

can y send nash on a plane to CA soon lol


Kim Ayres said...

Actually, in the UK it is Down's Syndrome.

Apart from that, I agree with you all the way :)

Jeff said...

Kim, you are correct on that fact and my apologies. I meant to include that fact and then failed to do so. Forgive me my friend.


Kim Ayres said...

Nothin' to forvive.

Although if it would relieve your conscience by buying me a...