Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tropic Thunder...Let's just stay home 2!

Latest update on the Tropic Thunder issue from one of the best websites around for disability info. Please click Patricia's link:

Patricia Bauer Website

Depending on how this all works out I am preparing to ask everyone I know to not only not see Tropic Thunder but to stay home from all movie theatres the week of the opening.

Peace Dude!


Archie said...

Stay home? Maybe we should go out and make our voices heard at the theaters...

Jeff said...

Archie, I do understand your point and I agree if I thought it would do any good. But DreamWorks just made promises to the groups they met with on Thursday only to back out on Friday. The only thing that matters to Hollywood is money. We need to hit them in the bank account.

Peace Dude

Archie said...

Absolutely right, but maybe if we are at the theaters handing out information on hate speech, etc. - people might see Batman instead, might see TT once, 'get it' and not see it again, might see some other movie - we need to educate people and hit DreamWorks' bank account; who cares about the other studios right now? I feel the need to take some concrete action on this piece of trash -