Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have we lost our minds?

I came home tonight and read the headlines and I think we have lost our minds. We are dealing with one of the most difficult times our economy and way of life has seen in years. Much in my opinion has been caused by politics and greed on Wall Street. It never seems to end.

Here is what I mean:

The Indiana Legislature is in session trying to figure out our state budget and they spend all day talking about pie:

Read about our state pie

We have thugs going and robbing our public school students while they are waiting for the bus:

Read about our local thugs

Our stimulus package that is supposed to stimulate the economy is now going to be used to fund absurd building projects for our amazing local government officials.....might as well give the money to AIG and Citi Group:

Read about our new spending programs

We now hire an ex G.W.B. staffer and pal of our Guv to run an Indiana Agency. While I really don't care that he got fired by the Red Cross I have to there no one in Indiana that can do this job?

Read about our new agency head

I could go on but I will stop for now. I am at a loss right now trying to figure out what these people are thinking.....

I think Indiana needs it's own version of Governor Jesse Ventura and we need it fast. Anyone have any ideas????????????

Peace Dude!


Jan Steck Huffman said...

I do.

Big Dawg for Governor!

Anonymous said...

Um, we tried Governor Jesse Ventura and well, not so much. Yeah I voted for him and well, I guess he did shake up the state and that was a good thing, but kind of painful toward the end of his term.

But of course springs eternal in our wacky state, we may be electing Al Franken, another celebrity. Now don't get me wrong, I like his commedy, and I am liberal in most regards, but as a senator? Hmmmm, not so much.

Al was just quoted as saying "We have really good attorneys,'' he told the crowd. "I'm very confident that at the end ... I will win — I'll be able to join Amy.'' and "My legal team tells me the state law's ambiguous,'' he said. "I'd love to be seated as soon as possible. I'd like to start to work.''

Um, not that the people want him or anything, but that he can trick his way in basically.

You see in Minnesota, if you are a democrat and if the presidential candidate is democratic and good like Obama is, you should win by a landslide. But um, no, not so much Al, not so much!

But I digress...I'm with Jan, Big Dawg for Governor!