Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stimulus Czar

I nominate LT Col Slade to oversee the stimulus package.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Somebody sure likes basketball!

The video's in the post a few below are from Nash's first game where he was awarded best offense of the game.... the picture above is from today's game and it was best defense. Even has the floor burns on his knees and elbows from diving for the ball. We made the decesion to play Upward Bound at White River Christian Church and it has turned out very well for him to play with his peers in this league.
Peace Dude!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have we lost our minds?

I came home tonight and read the headlines and I think we have lost our minds. We are dealing with one of the most difficult times our economy and way of life has seen in years. Much in my opinion has been caused by politics and greed on Wall Street. It never seems to end.

Here is what I mean:

The Indiana Legislature is in session trying to figure out our state budget and they spend all day talking about pie:

Read about our state pie

We have thugs going and robbing our public school students while they are waiting for the bus:

Read about our local thugs

Our stimulus package that is supposed to stimulate the economy is now going to be used to fund absurd building projects for our amazing local government officials.....might as well give the money to AIG and Citi Group:

Read about our new spending programs

We now hire an ex G.W.B. staffer and pal of our Guv to run an Indiana Agency. While I really don't care that he got fired by the Red Cross I have to there no one in Indiana that can do this job?

Read about our new agency head

I could go on but I will stop for now. I am at a loss right now trying to figure out what these people are thinking.....

I think Indiana needs it's own version of Governor Jesse Ventura and we need it fast. Anyone have any ideas????????????

Peace Dude!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now we have it right!

Thankfully we now have Midwestern folks in DC. Justice Roberts from Indiana and President Obama from Illinois thought we better make sure we have this correct. It is nice to have folks already acknowledging we might have done something wrong so let's get it right.
Peace Dude!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Luck Mr. President!

I know it's a bit early but I doubt I will have time tomorrow.

Peace Dude!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's almost time to go racin with #14

Noblesville School Board, Clueless and out of touch!

Board president explains referendum, plans

Please understand I am not saying the folks on the School Board and Dr. Lehman are bad people as I actually think they are all pretty good folks. But with that said they are so entrenched into Hamilton County Republican Politics and such a part of the Good Ole Boys Club they think it is still 1980. Guess what gang you need to get a clue. If you think this community is going to go along with a proposal full of sports money and consulting fees to your pals you are wrong. You want to create a plan that works and is responsible it will pass. But don't talk down to us and act like you are smarter then this community. You are not!

By the way in all the follow up articles I have yet to see anyone ask or answer this question. Since you thought this was a done deal and moved ahead with plans and permits how much has the school corporation spent on this failed project? And where did that money come from in the schools budget? What cuts will have to be made to student education to compensate for this spent money?

Peace Dude!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Latest Additions to Indy!

Nash and I recently had the chance to see a Colts Game at the new Stadium and on our Christmas vacation we all got to experience the New Indianapolis International Airport. After visiting both and comparing them to my experiences in the past I had to think. The RCA Dome was fine and has now been demolished. The old Airport is empty and they are trying to find something to do with it.

After thinking of this and the costs to build both I am left with one question that is driving my crazy....


Peace Dude!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a picture!

What do you think they are all thinking as they watch their building project crash and burn? My guess is King Kevin is shocked the flock did not follow his orders. Chris Hamm is still trying to figure out why he left his job with the city and I can only figure Julia Kozicki is calling her Daddy Doug Church to see if he can fix it. Ok I am just pulling their legs a bit on this but........they do need a little dose of reality.

1. Yes it has to do with the economy gang but that is not the only reason.

2. You need to redo the plan and get rid the college style athletic plans.

3. Figure out what you need to perform in academics.

4. Don't send a news letter home the same day we are voting telling us we can't have daily math tests due to a budget cut for paper.

5. Maybe next time you can have the vote at the same time you have the other elections. You know I read the article today and the one thing Kathy Richardson did not say was she was busy running for re-election.

6. Get the numbers down and maybe hire a project manager from Hamilton County.

Come on gang the free ride is over. Do your jobs and come up with a solid plan moving forward.

Peace Dude.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Noblesville Republican School Board gets defeated!

Well folks as I have been saying the big tax and spend Republicans in Hamilton County were going to start losing soon. The first defeat happened today as the school construction referendum led by King Kevin and his court was voted down by a whopping 81 votes. And all this pandering to have a special election in January so they could control things. Welcome to the changing landscape of Hamilton County. Now Dr. Lehman, King Kevin and the Court, go on back to the table and cut the fat, the health club at the high school and the consultant fees and bring it back to the table. We will vote for the stuff you need not junk you don't. Oh ya, could we also hire a Construction Manager from Hamilton County for the new project?

Peace Dude!

Noblesville voters defeat $59.5M spending plan in special election today

By Chris Sikich
Posted: January 9, 2009

NOBLESVILLE -- Noblesville voters defeated the school district's plans to spend $59.5 million on building projects in Indiana's first special election under a new law.
County election officials said 1,799 people voted for the project and 1,880 voted against it.Less than 12 percent of registered voters turned out for the special election.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy 2009 everyone. Just back from Vacation yesterday and back to our regular schedule. I will post about our trip soon. But a couple Highlights:

Emeril's New Orleans Fish house is no longer after all these years my favorite place to eat....actually I doubt I will ever go back and our waiter Edward might be the worst in the Biz.

If you are going to Vegas in the near future and you are not offended by adult oriented humor you have to see Zumanity. I have not laughed so hard in years.

And for a family vacation The Hilton Resorts are great but the best hotel in Las Vegas is still........drum roll please............... THE GOLDEN NUGGET!

I hope you all have a happy and prosperous 2009.

Peace Dude!