Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Early Election Choices!

Ok gang here are my choices for the offices I have researched and decided on to this point. Now I could still change my mind before election day so if you are running and not on the list give me a call and convince me. You will notice that my choices are not a straight ticket. While to many peoples dismay I have gone from a Reagan Republican to a Democrat but I still vote for the person not the party as you will see.

1. President of the United States - Barack Obama, if you read my blog you will see why.

2. United States Representitive District 5 - John McGoff - I have met John and he seems like a good guy that will work hard for the district. Bottom line on this one is Dan Burton needs to go play golf.....well let me re-phrase that...Dan Burton needs to play golf but no longer on the taxpayer's dime. Bye Bye Dan!

3. State Senate District 30 - Luke Kenley - this may surprise people but I respect Senator Kenley for many reasons. While I may not always agree with him he is the single best person for the job bar none. The R's in Hamilton County especially on the Council and Commission seem to have it out for him but I think he will do just fine.

4. State Representitive District 29 - Kathy Richardson - Well I also respect Kathy I was a bit surprised that she is running unopposed. I know Kathy is the hometown lady but she needs to defend some of her decesions at the State House. Maybe next election..

5. I will not go into the Judge and other county offices that don' have a challenger.

6. Judge of Circuit Court - I need to do more research on this one.

7. County Commissioner District 2 - I think Steve Dillinger is a good guy that does a good job. He has some challengers and I am looking for some good things from Jeff Curtis but it will be tough. I will hold my choice at this time.

8. County Commissioner District 3 - Steve Holt - Good guy but have some issues with decesions made by he an Commish Altman.

9. County Council - At Large - Elect 3 - Chris Brown and Ford Hebner I hope will be the two new guys and I will cast my third vote for Brad Beaver. The others needs to go and we will see how Brad does over the next term.

10. Noblesville School Board.....hmmm this is interesting..I need to do much more reseach on this one and this will include a few posts between now and May.

That is all for now gang......

But no matter whethere you agree or your persone and get out and vote.

An Open Letter to Steak and Shake

Many of you may have never heard of our homegrown hamburger chain but some of you I am sure have had a Double Steakburger with Cheese and a Chocolate Shake at some time in your life and they are really awesome.....well at least they use to be.

Steak and Shake has been in the news of late with hostile investors trying to get on the board, firing their CEO and conference calls that in all honesty blame their problems on everything under the sun except them selves. Well they don't need Wall Street, Mega investors or 20 MBA's to come in and fix it for them. The board needs to load them selves up in a van and make a little trip.

No they don't have to go far. They need to drive up to the Noblesville Dairy Queen. A recent trip to the ice cream wonderland got me thinking about Steak and is what they need to notice.

First as you walk in a seasoned Ice Cream Parlor manager says Hi, Welcome to Dairy Queen. He is dressed in a ironed White shirt and tie. His name tag says he is the manager but my guess is he is much more. After his welcome he asks if he can take our order or if we have any questions...hmm. Well this particular DQ does not serve burgers so that is a bit different then Steak and Shake but they do serve Hot Dogs and Shakes and Ice cream. He treated Nash with respect as he did all his customers asking him "What would you like young man?" he took all our orders. We sat down to wait and I started noticing a few more things.

1. The DQ had not had an overhaul in a long time and looked just like a DQ from when I was much younger. But with that said there was not a single thing in that DQ that needed repaired or replaced. It was in almost perfect condition.
2. It was spotless!!! From the floors, tables, walls, windows, restrooms to the cooking and preparation area it was spotless. I mean I looked under the fountain coke dispenser and you could see your reflection in the stainless steel.
3. The other thing I noticed as the manager and one of his school age employee's made the ice cream treats that had been ordered is that they were not slapping them together as fast as they could. They where actually taking their time to offer us not only our favorite item but that is was an artistic masterpiece at the same time. And they tasted really good to. Nash and I went through more napkins then need to be shared in this post.
4. And you know what, when we were done and leaving the manager leaned over the counter and said thank you for visiting us gang and come back and see us real soon.

Well growing up in the biz, I can tell you I don't get my expectations blown away often but they sure did a great job of impressing me.

Well I am sure neither Steak and Shake or all the Wall Street Wonders that can tell you how you should run your business will visit the Noblesville Dairy Queen or will the seek my advice.


Anyway, as for me...... Hey Nash, let's go to Dairy Queen!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Seven Years!

It is very hard for me to get my hands around the fact that 7 years ago Saturday Nash arrived into my world. Seven years ago today I was still trying to get my hands around the label Down syndrome. Someday's I still am.

As I think back, those memories of Nash being born and then being told he has Down syndrome are as clear as yesterday and at the same time seem 100 years ago. We have come a long way since that day.

As a family we are involved in every aspect of his life. And you know all the things I thought would be a challenge 7 years ago had to do with Nash. Today all the challenge's seem to be with the so called professionals. You know the group, School Corporations, Administration, Principals, Teachers, State Government, Department of Education, Professors, Elected Officials ect.

You know I hear all day long on radio, television and in the newspapers that the problem with schools is parents are not invovled. Then when it is us pesky parents of children with disabilities that qualify for Special Education Supports and Services and that have acutally educated ourselves, then we are just greedy and want everything under the sun. No we just did what you asked us to do, be educated and involved in our kids education and have actually read the law and kept up with the changes that have been made to IDEA. And they just really hate the fact that we understand our rights about that law passed in 1975 that they are still trying to figure out.

Here is a hint folks: Treat us with a little respect. Understand that we have put in many hours of education ourselves on this issue and we want to work with you for the best results. Don't play games with us about who is coming and who is not to the case conference. Don't try to double speak about best practices and staffing. Just treat us with fairness and respect and we will make progress that everyone will be happy with.

Ya, you guessed it our case conference is next week and everytime I try to go in being positive and everytime they try to treat me like I don't know anything and piss me off......ok breathe I will be fine by next week but really just needed to vent.

So thanks for letting me vent....

I am amazed at the things Nash has done over the last 7 years and I have no doubt the next 7 are going to be even more amazing....I am so proud of you Buddy...

Anyway, sorry I have been AWOL but it has been a busy time around here and I think I bored many of you with my shift toward politics. So I think the Tales will be dedicated stricktly to family, Down syndrome and disability issues and I will start a new blog for politics....

What do you think?

Peace Dude!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl

Ladies and Gentlemen.....Character and class does still matter.....

Congratulations to the New York Giants for winning the Super Bowl with character and class.

Enough said.

Peace Dude.