Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Bubba!

I am so proud of you and I can't say more.....

Peace Dude!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stimulus Shimulus Part 2

Well where is the change we can believe in? Where is the United States? Seems like we are back to red states and blue states. And unfotunatley President Obama has not figured out how to turn the heat up enough to melt Miss plastic better known as Pelosi. My quick comments on the new package....more of the Bushy package....nothing new and no leadership.

1. Government Welfare!
2. Big Corporate Welfare for the big Capitalists that should be fired.
3. tax cuts so minute they won't do anything.
4. The cash will all be used up in weeks and they will all be back for more.

Maybe we should call it the Crack bill.

Wana fix the economy?

1. Use the FDIC and if the bank can't make it shut it down and sell off the assets.
2. If the big company can't make it let them file Bankruptcy.
3. Can't make your payments on your mortgage or debt....file bankruptcy.
4. Suspend the Federal income tax for 3 months.
5. Shut down the IRS and go to a flat tax system within a year.

There you go 5 really simple ideas that would take about 100 pages of text in a bill. Of course the economists will say this won't work but that was the exact same bunch on TV a few years ago laughing at the guy calling for a housing bust....

It's time to put our big boy pants on folks.....we built this country and only we can turn it around.

Peace Dude.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stimulus Shimulus!

I am always intrigued why we all think for some reason we are sending smart people to Washington. No we send people to DC that have the goal of getting to DC that try to never get caught doing anything wrong and are afraid to rip someone's head off or make anyone mad......well guess what....we have exactly what we deserve....

Right now the only difference between Obama's package and Bush's package is the money on this package is going to the Demo's buddy's and the first went to the Repub's buddy's. That is it......a total wast of time and money. It will not turn the economy won't stimulate the economy and I wish you all would get smart enough to know the goverment does not create jobs......they may hire on the gov't level but they don't create jobs in the private sector....

The only people that can fix the economy is you and let's go do it. Pull your money out of the stock market, tell the credit card companies to pound sand and be like the folks in DC and don't pay taxes and then go start a business.

Peace Dude

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Education rules in for sweeping change

The State Board of Education adopted a sweeping agenda of deregulatory reform today, overhauling a host of rules that have guided schools for years.

Two quotes interested me in this article:

1.New Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett had campaigned for the changes while running for office and said they will "uncuff the hands of our very talented administrators and our very caring school boards."

Dr. Bennett I thought the Administrators and School Boards were the problem with spending on buildings and not getting the cash to the classroom. I really thought I remembered your ads saying you were going to support the teachers. Did I misunderstand?

2. For instance, under the new rules, a high school swimmer spending four hours a day practicing swimming could be exempted from physical education classes so he or she could take other courses, Bennett said.

Dear Noblesville School Board, based on this fact why do so many student athletes need to take advanced PE in your proposed $6 million wellness (health club) center???

Peace Dude!