Monday, December 29, 2008

Last questions of 2008 for my pals in the media!

Why have none of you asked Governor Mitch Daniels one simple question. Mr. Governor can you explain how Indiana went from the most wonderfully cash rich, job rich, everything is great state on November 3rd, 2008 (remember the Mitchie Commercials) to where we are today?

And don't give me the crap about how much better shape we are in then MI, IL OH etc as we were also in better shape then those states when Governor Kernan was in office and let's see how did Mitch put it when their tax estimates came in low? "I am not saying they are bad people just bad at governing".

The other day when I heard they closed the "Toll Road" they interviewed an Indiana State Trooper on the Toll Road and said he nor the INDOT snow plows could get to people. Here is another does that lease work, are those guys paying the state for police and snow plow service? I would like to know the answer to that.

Now overall I think Mitch Daniels is a pretty good guy and a pretty decent Governor and a damn good leader but I think it's time some of you media folks need to ask some questions. Or are you all afraid of the Mitch machine? Abdul?

Ok that is it for this disaster of a year that 2008 has been for the business world. I am not even going to get into that.

Ok we are off to Vegas to celebrate some guy's birthday.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME....

Peace Dude!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Economic Stimulus!

Well I am not in favor of our economic stimulus of the dead beats running many of our public companies as you know if you have read my blog. Many of these companies should be shut down or at least they should file Bankruptcy and replace their management and many of their past decisions. And yes that would include a redesign of the union agreements.

I believe that the only way our economy will turn around is to stimulate the citizens so they can start spending again. The best way to do that is a federal income tax holiday for January and February. So get it done.

In the meantime we are off to stimulate the economy in our own way. We are off to? Well you tell me............


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka and a Happy New Year.

Peace Dude!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

So when are we going to get organized?

Another article telling us how many people in the US have a disability. If you add to this list mother, father, brother and sister you have a block large enough to control policy in this country. But we can never seem to get on the same page to accomplish much. With all the budget constraints going on are we going to allow services to individuals with disabilities to be cut before other items? Are we going to allow people with disabilities to have their jobs cut first?

Or is now the time to work together as a group? I think it is!

Peace Dude!

Census: More than 54 million disabled in U.S.

Report finds only 46 percent of adults with a disability are employed
updated 8:54 a.m. ET, Fri., Dec. 19, 200

WASHINGTON - More than 54 million U.S. residents, or about 19 percent of the population, have some sort of disability, the U.S. Census Bureau reported.

The numbers, based on 2005 data, are up slightly from the 2002 survey when 51.2 million people or 18 percent reported a disability, the census found Thursday.

About 46 percent of adults aged 21 to 64 with a disability were employed, compared with 84 percent of adults without disabilities, the survey found.

It also found that:

7.8 percent of people aged 15 and older had difficulty hearing a normal conversation, including 1 million completely deaf people.

3.3 million people, or 1 percent of those aged 15 and older, used a wheelchair or a similar device.

Nearly 7.8 million people aged 15 and older had difficulty seeing words or letters, including 1.8 million who were completely blind.

More than 16 million people had difficulty with cognitive, mental or emotional functioning.
People with a severe disability earned $1,458 a month on average compared to $2,539 for those with no disability.

4.7 million children aged 6 to 14, or 13 percent, had a disability, mostly a problem doing regular schoolwork.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I thought this was worth reposting!

A site I frequent is "Contrarian Advisor". I don't know this gentleman but he sure seems to know what he posts about.

I thought his article today confirms some of my thoughts pretty well. So indstead of writing my own thoughts I thought I would share his.

Peace Dude!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fed cuts to ground zero, says "we'll buy anything", wild buying on Wall street ......VIX falls to 52 but hangs above 50 ish support. SRS plummets 20% (SHORT REAL ESTATE! ) homebuilders soar.....shorts scatter like bugs.but why can't I find any cheer here? why? Because prices are falling like it's 1930. Interest rates on long bond are at lowest level since?maybe ever....FED funds rate at level NEVER seen before at basically ZERO....."will use all measures at our disposal"They created current fiasco buy lowering rates to 1% during last Bear Market and now are going to fix everything and pump it back up by lowering them even further?So those who didnt get the money to borrow will now be able to do so or wnat to?BBY beats numbers but cuts capex by 50% ! I feel like the f'ing Grinch here.....Bussiness for lots of us is at a standstill. My own levels of business are CUT IN HALF from just one year ago and I see NO light at end of tunnel....just the train.What am I going to do? CUT OVERHEAD, CUT SPENDING....that's coming outta somebody's pocket.In this environment you gonna run out and buy a car or home? f no....and prices are FALLING if you wait....even further that's DEFLATION! Yet no one who has put fuel surcharge on me has taken it off and all those price increases from last year are still there.Today's move by the FED is pure DESPERATION, they are puking hairballs I dont care what they say.This I dont believe is the start of a new BULL MKT, and sure sometimes you have to just forget about fundamentals and go with the flow.When this flow stops, you dont want to be long. DAY after FED usually reverses course, have a great tomorrow and upcoming holidays....kiss your kids, tell all you love are rich if you have that and your health, all else bets are off!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


If you want to understand a little more about what is going on in our economy this is an interesting movie.

ZietGiest The Movie

Peace Dude!

Things I don't understand!

There are many things I don't understand right now. Here are a few...

1. Why do we invest $45 Billion in tax money plus $300 billion in guarantees into Citi Group when the company is only worth $20.5 Billion?

2. Why have we continued to invest tax money in Banks that are still not loaning money to anyone?

3. Why do we continue to invest tax money in AIG while the gang at the top that has mis-managed them continue to call the shots? Fire them.

4. Why bail out the auto companies? They have proven time and time again they don't know what they are doing. It's time for Bankruptcy, time to renegotiate all the debt and contracts and start over. You know there use to be lots of American car companies at one time and now only the Big 3. Maybe it's time for the Big 2. And yes folks it will cause pain for everyone for a time but let's quit putting off the inevitable.

5. Why do we keep believing politicians? Do we really think any of them know anything about squat?

6. The economy is in the tank, construction is at a stand still and nothing is moving.....but Noblesville Schools think they need to pass a huge building package so they can build new schools and a new workout room at the high school. For what?

Peace Dude!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hoosiers and their guns.

Hey gang I am a believer in the right to own firearms but. This picture is from today's INDY STAR.
Well gang I have hunted since I was a kid and if this picture is reflective of a Hoosier Hunter then I guess I am confused. Maybe this guy should get some shooting lessons with his gun because I have yet to know a good hunter that needed that gun to shoot a deer.
Peace Dude.