Saturday, July 05, 2008

The leader of the Business world in Indiana...oh someone save us!

After 25 years in the Indiana business world I have finally arrived at the belief that there is a self appointed King in Indiana and his name is Kevin Brenigar. In the latest issue of the IBJ "Chamber suing Chamber" we see the latest in King Kevin's power grabs. He now owns the rights to anything Chamber of Commerce. Beware other Chambers and take notice, if you don't bow down and kiss the ring of King Kevin you may be next. Now I personally think Chambers are a good thing but I am always amazed at the total arrogance of Kevin Brenigar whether at the Indiana State House, on television, Chamber event or Noblesville School board meeting. It is always fun to be reminded by King Kevin that we are in his presence and beneath him. But let's be honest Kevin does know more about running business's then you and I. Let's see he grew up working in his fathers business as many of us in Indiana did. He has a BA, MPA and MBA from IU which I commend him for. He has worked for the Legislative Service Agency, The Indiana Senate Finance Committee and then the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Now let's reflect on this......what business did Kevin own operate or run? None until he became CEO of the Chamber.

I do think King Kevin has done a pretty good job of running the Chamber, but I think as with many of our current elected officials his worthyness has gone to his head. Kevin you are a smart guy and pretty damn good at what you do but the King you are not. Come down off your high horse and get a grip.

I can think of only one reason and one reason only for this lawsuit....Sue Swayze at the Indiana Christian Chamber of Commerce forgot to pay her respects to King Kevin.

Peace Dude.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support, Jeff. You made me smile :-)


Andrea Emerson
Indiana Christian Chamber of Commerce

Anonymous said...

Having had the opportunity to be involved with the Indiana Christian Chamber of Commerce events and seeing their great success - perhaps IN Chamber of Commerce fears they will no longer be needed - and therefore replaced. I'd invite all to check out the Indiana Christian Chamber of Commerce - great place to network and lots of helpful information for your business!