Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Hoosier Pundit Calls me out!

Update on article below......Scott over at Hoosier Pundit and I talked today and cleared up the confusion on the issue below. Scott you are a good man and keep up the good work.


Scott Fluhr over at The Hoosier Pundit has decided to call me out in his post today. I have been very upfront in my support of Greg Zeller for Indiana Attorney General even though I lean somewhat left. Not long ago I asked a question on another great blog Advance Indiana about the issue of outside council and settlements with Reith Riley. Here was the question:

"She knocked the Attorney General for using costly outside counsel without noting the counsel had more than paid for his fees through the settlements he collected from her client and others." I might be wrong and will have to see what I can find but I think Reith actually settled before the Chicago outside counsel was hired. So that settlement should be credited to the AG's Office and staff.

Now in today's post Scott shared this:

And to answer a commenter over at Advance Indiana, the Rieth-Riley settlement did indeed come in January of 2006, after the outside counsel was brought on.

Now Scott.....Lets make this real easy. If Reith settled in 2006 while outside council was still working for the Federal Government per his profile and joining the firm in April of 2007 how the heck did they put together the settlement?

Peace Dude!

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