Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hamilton County Commissioner Christine Altman.

Recently Hamilton County Commissioner Christine Altman become the new Dean of the Hamilton County Leadership Academy. Now I have worked with Christine on a few things in the past and have a great deal of respect for her. With that said I have an issue to pick with the way things get done in Hamilton County. With this new position should Commissioner Altman be the person pushing funding for the Leadership Academy in county meetings?

This is from the minutes of the last Commissioners meeting:

2009 Commissioner’s Budget
Swift stated he was waiting for some figures for the 2009 Commissioner’s budget, including vehicle requests.
Altman asked that the specifications and gas mileage is on the proposed new vehicles be submitted to the
Commissioners. Altman stated last year we submitted $20,000 for the Hamilton County Leadership Academy. The
Council cut it to $5,000. Altman would like that amount to be taken back to the previous amount of $10,000. Holt
concurred. Altman stated the tuition for the Leadership Academy should be $2,500. Altman asked that the grant writing
position be including under contractual, not personnel.

Now should not Commissioner Altman declare that she is the new Dean of this organization? This is just one example of a good ole boy deal at the tax payer bank in Hamilton County with more to come.

We should expect better then this.

Peace Dude!

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