Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Heading to Boston!

Steering away from Indiana politics for a few days and focusing back on National Issues. I am off to Boston for the National Down Syndrome Congress Annual Convention in Boston. It should be a great long weekend catching up with Friends from around the world that we only see once a year.

The DADS Program will be front and center with our booth open the entire weekend. My good buddy Joe who came up with the idea of getting this thing off the ground will be getting a national award Saturday night. And then Sunday morning we will be doing our thing and talking to other DADS from around the world in our annual Sunday morning presentation.

It will be fun to spend a few straight days concentrating on my number one passion of assisting the effort to improve post secondary educational, housing and employment opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

Peace Dude!


Kele said...

I have viewed your blog before to admire that beautiful son of yours. He infuses me with hope! I will visit often.

Jeff said...


So glad you said hello. I left a couple notes over in your world. Please touch base often.