Friday, July 04, 2008

The Indy Star

Happy 4th of July to all on the left, the right and in the middle. Quite a few years ago I had a go round with the Indy Star and have refused to subscribe to the paper ever since. This decision meant I gave up one of my favorite pastimes of reading the Sunday paper. So now I just read the online version or occasionally I will pick up the Noblesville Ledger or the Sunday Star but not often. We were just talking the other night about subscribing again but I just changed my mind and am not going to and here is why.

Property tax protesters brave the rain

I have so many problems with this story it just irks me. First of all to write a headline on the 4th of July calling tax protesters BRAVE for standing in the rain? Today we celebrate the many Americans that have given their lives to our country so that each of us have the freedoms that we have here in the United States. But Brave to protest in the rain....come on

One of the captions on the pictures: "The crowd outside Governor Daniel's house was pelted by rain during their property tax protests. - DANESE KENON / The Star

Has everyone at the Star lost their minds? It is not Governor Daniel's house. It is the Governor's Mansion of the Great State of Indiana. Our Man Mitch does not even reside their because it is not fancy enough for his wifey. They live in Geist while building the new Daniels Mansion in Carmel.

Enough on the writing....

A couple of thoughts:

1. Congrats to the protesters but how about protesting at Daniels house in Geist of blocking the gated entrance to his new house in Carmel if you really want to make a point.

2. If the Mansion is unworthy of our Gov's family residence why don't we sell it like some of our other assets and buy a condo in the Block building so the Gov can walk two blocks to the office.

Anyway enough ranting for today.....

Peace Dude

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