Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Representitive Kathy Kreag Richardson of Indiana

I saw this letter to the editor today in the Noblesville Daily times. It reminded me that this issue did not ever seem to get cleared up. I know and respect Representative Richardson and my gut tells me she did nothing wrong but it does bother me that it faded into the woodwork with out a public statement of the issue. Representative Richardson I hope you will take the time to clear up this issue for everyone now before the election. You can visit Representative Richardson's website:


Re posted from the Noblesville Daily Times:

Letter to the Editor: Investigation into allegations against Richardson being swept under the rug?

Written by Letter to the Editor, on 06-10-2008 09:09

Just prior to the November 2006 election, allegations of criminal wrong doing by State Rep. Kathy Richardson surfaced in the news.

These allegations included ghost employment and misuse of public property while she was employed in her second public job in the Hamilton County courthouse.

Six months passed and I read nothing about any results of an investigation promised by Sheriff Doug Carter. I mailed Carter a letter of inquiry about the status of the investigation and received a prompt reply. The reply stated that the case had been referred to the Indiana State Police Region 5 Criminal Division.

Now 18 months have passed and still no published reports have been released concerning the proposed investigation. Out of curiosity, I called a few individuals I thought may have knowledge of the investigation progress.

It now appears that the investigation, if there ever was one, has been idled perhaps in the hope that this matter will just go away. I hope this is not the case, because it would raise serious doubts about the integrity of our county and state police departments as well as local politics in general.

What about the role of the state board of accounts? They usually investigate ghost employment. Has that department also taken a siesta for political reasons?

It may now be time to ask for help from a federal law enforcement agency to investigate new allegations such as obstruction of justice and criminal cover up conspiracy

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