Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does Experience Matter?

I have heard lot's of yelling and screaming about experience over the last year from many of the campaigns.

Let's talk about Education. Let's talk about experience on this one.

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction: Years of Expereince as a School Superintendent

Dr Richard Wood (D) - 19 years

Dr. Tony Bennett (R) - 1 year

Now let's start talking about education issues and not just sound bites.

Peace Dude


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. It seems to me that we have had 16 years of "experience" at the helm of the IDOE and the state still ranks between 45th and 47th in most educational areas. This is not really a partisan issue. If this election is really about change and you want to see the IDOE focus on helping kids in Indiana (all kids), the candidate of change is Dr. Bennett. Dr. Bennett, like Obama, brings a new way of doing things to the bureacracy that is the IDOE and has a new vision for education in Indiana. It is an interesting reversal that the the status quo candidate is Dr. Wood.

Jeff said...


I agree so much needs to be done. Come back and tell me what that vision is. What the change is. I have been on Dr. Bennett's web site and talked to the campaign and can't get much detail on anything. I have made no decision but am totally willing to be swayed as I don't know much about either on the facts yet.

Please share what you know.