Thursday, June 05, 2008

Indiana Article 7

Yesterday Indiana's Department of Education approved the new article 7 regulations with out any changes. Parents around the state testified about the change in parent consent and placement all to no avail. Bob Marra, Asst Superintendent for Special Education explained to the board, "on this issue of placement and consent parents just don't understand the language, it will all be just fine". I also thought is was interesting that the board referred to Article 7 the Indiana Law for IDEA which is CIVIL RIGHTS legislation as "Bob's little rule" and Superintendent Reed joked "that would be a great name for a children's book" I am appalled at the lack of respect we received in this meeting yesterday. Every board member should be replaced today!

Find it all hard to believe? Here is the link to the video of yesterday's meeting. It's long but worth the watch.

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Peace Dude.

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AZ Chapman said...

Hi Jeff

I don't have the patience for watching the whole thing but I can't believe they are blowing off special needs parents like you. what dose this mean in Nash's education in the future