Saturday, June 28, 2008

300 Job's leaving Noblesville!

Here we go again! Everyday I feel I need to stand and salute the television when the latest Mitch Daniel's commercial comes on telling me how damn good things are here in Indiana. All the high paying jobs we have created, more money in the bank ect. Well I am glad to hear the State of Indiana is doing well and has a balanced budget, money in the bank and Lucas Oil Stadium is about to open. All of which are financed on the backs of Hoosiers that are fighting every day to keep their heads above water. In the story below it does not talk about needing more high tech labor, better educated work force or any of the other things I hear we need in Indiana. Nope salary and benefits are just too high and we can make more money in other locations that will work cheaper. Now I am all for making a profit. But how much is enough? How much of a Dancin Chicken do our corporations have to be to that 28 year old snot nosed Wall Street Analyst that says they need to make more? Now I need to head to the television and wait for the next Mitch Daniels commercial so I will feel better.

Peace Dude!

June 28, 2008
300 to lose jobs when Bridgestone Firestone shuts Noblesville plant in '09By John
NOBLESVILLE, Ind. -- Bridgestone Firestone announced Friday it plans to close its Noblesville plant, citing increased economic pressure from foreign competitors and a plummeting truck market.
The company, which makes air springs for trucks and buses, notified its 300 employees and union leaders that the plant would close in 2009. For much of the 20th century, Firestone was Hamilton County's biggest employer.
Mike Cerio, president of Firestone Industrial Products, said the 72-year-old Noblesville plant is the only one of its three North American factories losing money, mostly because it is the only unionized plant.
"The cost of labor and benefits there are dramatically higher than that at those other plants" in Kentucky and Tennessee, Cerio said. Choosing to close the Noblesville plant instead of the others was easier because of its "antiquated infrastructure," he said.

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