Sunday, June 15, 2008

Indiana Democratic Leadership?

I have always been one that supports the candidate I think will do the best job vs. what party they may belong to. With that said over the last few years that has meant voting for a few more D's then ever before in the past. Whether you agree with me or not I said during the last Democratic convention that if Senator Obama ever ran I think I would support him. I have not only heard his speeches but have read almost everything on his proposed policies. And I have supported him since his announcement and have gotten more involved on the D side then ever before. The reason I believe he has picked up the support that he has is because he has the Audacity to Lead!

When looking for the Audacity to lead in the Indiana Democratic Party of late I feel that the leadership left for South Bend when Joe Kernan went home. I have no idea what Dan Parker is doing at the party but it sure does not seem to be leading. Now I am more then willing to be corrected Dan but if you are leading it's sure in private back rooms.

A few comments about the lack of leadership I currently see.

1. Why would candidate Jill Long Thompson hold a non issue press conference the day that Linda Pence announces her campaign for AG?

2. Why have the D's not been able to get someone out for Superintendent of Public Instruction and a platform to run on before the convention?

3. Why is Pat Bauer announcing Representative Oxley for LT Gov before the JLT campaign?

It seems like everyone is running around taking care of themselves.

Whether you support Senator Obama or not his campaign is going to bring more people out to vote then in recent history. His way of raising campaign funds is working. He is out there talking to people. Where are the candidates in Indiana?

4. Who is running the party? Dan Parker? Jill Long Thompson? Pat Bauer?

5. Lot's of talk about change and new ideas and the gamut....if that is the case then why is Bob Pastrick from East Chicago still active in the party and a DNC delegate? Is that why Linda Pence had a none answer on the Attorney Generals RICO case last week?

I don't know Mr. Parker or Mrs. Long Thompson, I have had the opportunity to meet Speaker Bauer and have much respect for his knowledge, passion and devotion to the state of Indiana and I can only assume the same about Mr. Parker and Mrs. Long Thompson.

If you look at the R's there is no doubt that Governor Daniels has the audacity to lead and he is in charge of the party.

Who is going to have the AUDACITY to STAND Up and Lead the Indiana Democratic Party? If the D's let this election cycle get away from them then we can chalk it up to reactionism and a lack of leadership.

Peace Dude!

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