Saturday, November 01, 2008

Rupert Murdoch and Fox News

I thought this was an interesting article.

Rupert Murdoch on Obama and the financial world

Nothing like giving time to Rupert Murdoch to slam Obama on the economy. Like Rupert and his team at FOX News don't do enough of that on a regular basis. I always am intrigued that people think Rupert who is an Aussie not an American knows more about the US economy then Warren Buffett.

And why is Rupert being the good conservative he is and supporter of McCain Palin not up in arms about this issue?

Dr. denied visa to stay in Australia because his son has Down syndrome

Now I have no problem with big mouth Sean Hannity saying what he wants about Obama whether true or not but Murdoch needs to worry about standing up for issues in his own country. If he really thinks the McCain Palin ticket stands for what is right then he should stand up for this family in his own country.

But hey what do I know....

Peace Dude!

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