Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's time to wish Charlie Weis goodbye!

Well gang I can assure you since day one I was not happy that ND hired Charlie Weis to coach at Notre Dame. Ya, I know he is an alum and ya he called the plays for the Patriots, which adds to why I don't like him. But with that aside I rooted as hard as I could for my team and hoped Charlie would do well. It has not gotten to a point that he must go. Why must he go?

1. If you got rid of Gerry Faust for not winning then Charlie has to go.

2. If you let Bob Davie go for a similar winning % then Charlie has to go.

3. If you don't let Charlie go then explain to my why you let Tyrone Willingham go? I was not a big fan of Coach Willingham but he is a class act. So if the reasons you let Ty go are legit then Charlie has to go.

Oh the cost of the buyout.......the Chicago Alumni Association could probably have the check ready tomorrow.
OK, now to be clear I am not an Alum but have been a fan all my life and can tell you playing college ball in Ohio as an ND fan at times was not pleasant. So I have the right to my opinion on this but no vote.
So what do you do if you let Charlie go. I don't think there is a good long term answer but I will throw out this crazy idea.
How has had more assistant coaches promoted to head coaches then any other coach in college football? You could bring him in on a 3 year contract and tell him to hire the best staff in the country and promote one to head coach in year 4. It could happen and it could be done and the glory of ND could return. Oh who am I referring to?

Do I really need to say more?

Peace Dude!

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