Saturday, November 22, 2008


As many of you may know I am a huge Notre Dame Fan. You can save the comments as I don't care. I have been a ND fan all my life and attended my first game in 1975 and have been to every home game I could get to over the years. If you have read this blog for awhile or you know us personally you will know Nash's favorite movie is "Rudy". And he has enjoyed watching games with me for the last couple of years.

Well it was time. Mauzy had the chance to grab two tickets to today's game a few weeks ago and I said yep go for it. So the plan was sealed Nash and I would spend a father son day at the ND game. So we have been talking and planning our day for a couple weeks now and Nash was fired up. So how did it go?

6:45 am - Nash yells up to Dad, Dad I am awake let's go! Go Irish!

8:30 am - Nash and Dad load up and hit the road. After a stop to get cash and our weekly trip to Hardee's for breakfast we head toward South Bend.

8:45 am - Dad are we going to the game? Dad are we there yet?

9:00 am - Dad are we going to the game? Dad are we there yet? Ok you get it right?

Well the trip to South Bend went pretty quick actually as we jumped in the middle of the ND 500. Oh, you don't know the ND 500......well that is when a big group of cars decide we out number the fuzz and drive together all the way to South Bend. Yes and way to fast.

11:00 arrive in South Bend, stop for a break and something to drink.....Dad are we going to the game, yes Nash kick off is at 2:30....

11:30 am - arrive in White Field parking and proceed to bundle up as the temp was around 28 with a wind chill of about 20. Then head over to the ND mobile book store which is a heated tent where you can buy everything ND. So with the purchase of a Number 7 jersey for Nash and a couple head gear items we are off to the bus for the trip over the the library. Oh ya for those that don't know know Touchdown Jesus.....that is the library.

12:30 - Arrive on campus. We proceed to try to take a bit of a tour of campus but Nash wants to go to the game. Right now dad. So we head over the house that Rockne built and mingle with the crowd. Nash is loving it except for one thing. The gates are still closed so he can't get in yet. Not happy but we work with it.

1:00 pm - standing in line waiting for our gate to open so we can head in exactly an hour and half before kick off in 28 degree

1:20 pm we arrive in our seats with our brats and drinks. Did I mention kick off is at 2:30?

Well all I can say is Nash and I had an awesome time today at the game. Did we survive to the end. No we were headed home after the first half and listened to the debacle on the radio. He was a grand partner to go with and a real trooper to spend all that time in the car and over 4 hours outside in really cold weather.

My only comment about the I have said before Charlie is not so good when he does not know the defensive calls before he calls his play. Hope you do well back in the NFL Charlie.

9:15 p.m. As I tucked Nash in bed I asked him if he had fun......yes dad. I asked if he wanted to go to a game again.....oh ya. Well Nash it will have to be next season.....Nash - ok Dad, get there before gates open? Of course Nash!

Days just may not ever get better then this.

Oh, some of the pictures aren't so great but they are from my phone...

Peace Dude!


AZ Chapman said...

looks like fun Jeff My dad went to Noter dame in South bend Indiana. What year did y graduate?

Jeff said...

AZ, I did not go to ND, I wish but I did not have the grades or the talent. But I did grow up in Indiana and the Irish have been my team for as long as I can remember.

Are you guys going to the SC game next weekend?


Lisa said...

So not only did you have good father-son bonding time, you are telling us you also found more patience than you realized you had, eh ;)

Love the photos and the narration! Thanks for sharing them!! Looks like you boys had an awesome day, even if it was way too cold ;)