Monday, September 03, 2007

Why can't we talk politics anymore?

There are more political shows on television and radio then ever before. With all this TALK why is it no one can talk anymore? All we do is see who can YELL over the top of the other.

How will we ever accomplish anything in this country if we can't have a conversation about both sides of an issue without yelling, screaming and name calling. It happens at all levels of politics today.

Why is it if you don't agree with the Bush Administration you are Un-American or a traitor?

Why is it the Democrats have gotten the power they wanted so bad in Washington DC yet they have accomplished nothing other then getting on TV for more name calling?

Why is it that if you are on the left George Bush is Satan?

Why is it if you are on the Right all liberals are America Haters?

Why is Ann Coulter famous?

Why are Rudy and Arnold Republicans?

Why is it the Senator responsible for the most bi-partisan legislation in the history of the Senate is Ted Kennedy?

Why is Rush Limbaugh right?

Why is it cool to talk about global warming and tell us all what we should do while running around the world in Suburbans and private Jets?

Why is it ok to still not have children with disabilities included in their home school classrooms since IDEA mandated it in 1975?

Why do we think our form of government that is not working real well here right now is what every place in the world should duplicate or be isolated or invaded?

Why is the country split almost 50/50 on abortion yet 90% of prenatal tests resulting in a positive for Down syndrome terminate? Are they all abortion rights left wingers that get the test? Hmmmm....I don't think so.

Why is it Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels can make comments like the Indiana Legislature has "Car Bombed" his agenda and no one is outraged?

Why can Indiana outsource a $1Billion contract for Services to Mitch Roob's (Secretary of FSSA) old company and everyone says there is no conflict of interest?

Ok....that is my list of Whys for today. I look forward to your thoughts.



Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That sure makes you think!

Anonymous said...

I really love reading this, keep writing this is great stuff! I can't wait to read more. Loved the post on commercials too. Anyway, all is well up North, but my son just told me today he wants to go back to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, so we gotta visit again. Take care and keep writing!

Archie said...

I failed this test. Could we at least get multiple choice? I think these would cover most of them:
A. $
B. Greed
C. It's easier to have a well-defined enemy than be in this boat together
D. There's something in the water
E. All of the above

Kim Ayres said...

Ha! I like Archie's answer :)

Jeff said...

Shannon - don't think too hard it makes our heads hurt.

Kris - get back down here for a race.

Archie - as usual you prove again you are someone I want to have a beer with.

Kim - you gotta get that camera fixed dude!


Mary Witzl said...

I love this list of whys and only wish my parents were still alive so I could pester them for answers.

Although I am definitely more left than right in most respects, I don't think GWB is Satan. I think he is an incompetent, foolish, selfish, greedy man who couldn't string together a grammatical sentence if his life depended on it.

And I love what you wrote about global warming. My kids go on about this a lot, but nag me to drive them places. Many people who push the green movement are doing it more as a fashion statement than from a firm commmitment. I tell my kids not to talk, to get out there and turn the compost heap.

Jeff said...


Well I can say I am also more left then I use to be but I guess I feel that would put me smack dab in the middle. As far as GWB, I have the same problem with him as our Gov Daniels here in Indiana. They only people better off when they leave are thier buddies and they are very much better off at the expense of all of us.

With that said I don't think either are bad people....just bad executives.....