Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So why is it?

Well let's have some more fun with why....

Why does my dog pee in the woods but poop in my front yard?

Why is it the company never loves you until you leave?

Why if there is only one god are there so many religions?

Why is it if you are supposed to go to bed and night and get up in the morning I always want to stay up and night and sleep in the morning?

Why is it a company can have its best quarter of overall growth and revenue but because it did not meet the expectations of some 32 year old MBA Wall Street analyst who has never had to make payroll the stock goes down?

Why is it I prefer Diet Mt Dew over Diet anything?

Why does football mean one thing here and something totally different in the rest of the world? How are we ever going to sort out the whole world if we can't get this straightened out?

Why do we think we can bring peace to a region that has been at war for centuries?

Why is it we have never ever seen a news anchor come on the nightly news and say...Everything in the entire world was great today, have a nice evening and join us tomorrow?

Why do we really need 500 channels on cable?

Why do American companies build cars in Mexico?

Ok head hurts.

one last question...

When will we live in a world where people are only judged by the content of their character?



Kim Ayres said...

With this many questions, you could be a philosopher

Kei said...

You. make. my. head. hurt. with. all. these. questions!
LMAO... anyway... to answer them, I just have one word...


and that's all I have to say about that. :P

Give your wife a hug from me!

Jeff said...


Well I have been called many things in this here world but a philosopher ain't one of them. Hmmmm.


Sorry to make your head hurt dear. I will do that and tell everyone out there we said hi.


Dave Hingsburger said...

Why is it that I like to answer a question with another question?

All 4 My Gals said...

Well hell you've been a'bloggin' lately and I have missed it. :)

Why is it I want to come to IN to see you guys so much?

All 4 My Gals said...

Why is it you're lucky enough to get a Dave Hingsburger comment? Damn now I really idolize you!

Jeff said...

Dave - keep asking those questions buddy, if we ask enough I still think we can change the world...and I am honored to have you stop by the Tales.

Nic - cause you love us and we love ya'll. As for Dave posting a comment I am sure it's because he knows you and Kei stop by not my ramblings....