Friday, September 21, 2007

Who would have thought!

Sorry its been awhile since I have posted anything. Life just got in the way of blogging... But sometimes that is a good thing. As I reflect on the last couple of weeks there are some interesting things that have happened.

1. Notre Dame lost.
2. Michigan lost.
3. Bill Belichick was caught cheating.
4. The Colts Win
5. Notre Dame lost.
6. Michigan lost.
7. Hillary says she is not a Lesbian.
8. Nobody is sure if Barack Obama is black enough or white enough.
9. I think Barack is just perfect and exactly what we need.
10. Nash lost another tooth, this one right in front.
11. I left Janus to return to the for-profit world.
12. Notre Dame Lost AGAIN.
13. Michigan won and my two favorite teams are ND and who ever is playing Michigan.
14. Charlie Wies can't call a play that the defence can't tear apart.
15. Maybe Charlie needs some of Bill's video tapes.
16. I started my new life at Conor-Patrick.

And as usual I am happy with my decesions and have no regrets.

Who would have thought!



Archie said...

Let's go State!
(Penn State that is)
We'll take care of Michigan for you this week.

Jeff said...


I hope it's a bad day for State in South Bend but a good day for State and Joe Pa in the Big House.


Pam said...

Coming out of lurking to say congrats and good luck on your new job. I hope all goes well.

Kim Ayres said...

Hope the new job goes well. Other than that and Nash's tooth, I can't say I made a great deal of sense of the rest of your post.

Very culture specific... :)

Jeff said...

Pam...well thanks for coming out of lurkersville.....things are good.


I know, I know...way too much football, politics and general United States related nonsense...but remember I am the hillbilly and you are the philosphy guy.


All 4 My Gals said...

Hey hillbilly, I'm just glad you are a smart hillbilly. :) and Joe need to commiserate. LOVE YA!

Mary Witzl said...

That's not life, that's FOOTBALL!

(Now I am ducking...)

But I completely agree about Barack Obama.