Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Daddy gets busted!

I remember back when we were first told that Nash had Down syndrome and one of my fears was that Nash might never be able to speak clearly enough so people could understand him.

Well as Nash has grown(he is 6) we have seen his speech become amazing by our definition and speaks very clearly (when he wants to) and his pronunciation seems to get clearer all the time. And what always amazes me is his correct usage of words and phrases.

Well tonight was one of those. I am not proud of the fact that I can use some pretty colorful language at times. No excuses here I am guilty of saying things I should not say but I do make a concentrated effort to not use that colorful language around Nash but let's face it at times I do.

So tonight as Jan is coming home we all (Nash, Seger and I) head to the garage to meet her. As Seger decides to boogie out the garage door Nash looks at him and says " God Damn it Seger".

Yes Daddy gets busted by his little imitator one more time.

Peace Dude!


Amy said...

Hi. I just found your blog via "the bearded one" although I have seen Nash in other venues. For some unknown reason our Joe took to saying "ahhh...buck it" when he was very young. Hmmm...must be part of emergent speech....I wonder what he means????

Nash is a adorable.



Kim Ayres said...

Good to see you blogging again Jeff!

I really try and watch my language around the kids, but I have had so many close calls.

Jeff said...

Amy - glad you found my post but being a professor of Religion at MSU I kinda wish you would have found a better post. :)

Kim.....Arrrrrr Matee......nice new look mate. It's nice to be back with a updated look on my blog. Yours is looking really good. Ya gotta watch the language even better then I thought I was....must be the Irish in me.

BStrong said...

Hey, it could have been worse. I catch myself all the time, usually when I'm driving with the kids in the back seat