Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a picture!

What do you think they are all thinking as they watch their building project crash and burn? My guess is King Kevin is shocked the flock did not follow his orders. Chris Hamm is still trying to figure out why he left his job with the city and I can only figure Julia Kozicki is calling her Daddy Doug Church to see if he can fix it. Ok I am just pulling their legs a bit on this but........they do need a little dose of reality.

1. Yes it has to do with the economy gang but that is not the only reason.

2. You need to redo the plan and get rid the college style athletic plans.

3. Figure out what you need to perform in academics.

4. Don't send a news letter home the same day we are voting telling us we can't have daily math tests due to a budget cut for paper.

5. Maybe next time you can have the vote at the same time you have the other elections. You know I read the article today and the one thing Kathy Richardson did not say was she was busy running for re-election.

6. Get the numbers down and maybe hire a project manager from Hamilton County.

Come on gang the free ride is over. Do your jobs and come up with a solid plan moving forward.

Peace Dude.

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