Friday, January 09, 2009

Noblesville Republican School Board gets defeated!

Well folks as I have been saying the big tax and spend Republicans in Hamilton County were going to start losing soon. The first defeat happened today as the school construction referendum led by King Kevin and his court was voted down by a whopping 81 votes. And all this pandering to have a special election in January so they could control things. Welcome to the changing landscape of Hamilton County. Now Dr. Lehman, King Kevin and the Court, go on back to the table and cut the fat, the health club at the high school and the consultant fees and bring it back to the table. We will vote for the stuff you need not junk you don't. Oh ya, could we also hire a Construction Manager from Hamilton County for the new project?

Peace Dude!

Noblesville voters defeat $59.5M spending plan in special election today

By Chris Sikich
Posted: January 9, 2009

NOBLESVILLE -- Noblesville voters defeated the school district's plans to spend $59.5 million on building projects in Indiana's first special election under a new law.
County election officials said 1,799 people voted for the project and 1,880 voted against it.Less than 12 percent of registered voters turned out for the special election.

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