Sunday, January 18, 2009

Noblesville School Board, Clueless and out of touch!

Board president explains referendum, plans

Please understand I am not saying the folks on the School Board and Dr. Lehman are bad people as I actually think they are all pretty good folks. But with that said they are so entrenched into Hamilton County Republican Politics and such a part of the Good Ole Boys Club they think it is still 1980. Guess what gang you need to get a clue. If you think this community is going to go along with a proposal full of sports money and consulting fees to your pals you are wrong. You want to create a plan that works and is responsible it will pass. But don't talk down to us and act like you are smarter then this community. You are not!

By the way in all the follow up articles I have yet to see anyone ask or answer this question. Since you thought this was a done deal and moved ahead with plans and permits how much has the school corporation spent on this failed project? And where did that money come from in the schools budget? What cuts will have to be made to student education to compensate for this spent money?

Peace Dude!


Anonymous said...

The Director of Student Services ranks right up there in Noblesville as not knowing the law and being "out of touch" as well.

Like you, I don't think Mark Booth is a bad guy but I think he and Dr. Lehman are pretty clueless on MANY issues affecting education and accommodation in Noblesville schools.

Maybe if they hadn't gone off spending all the counties money before the project was voted on, we could actually have a few accommodations.

Very sad state of affairs for sure,
Noblesville Dad

Anonymous said...

nah..they aint. I am cause I own