Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things I don't understand!

There are many things I don't understand right now. Here are a few...

1. Why do we invest $45 Billion in tax money plus $300 billion in guarantees into Citi Group when the company is only worth $20.5 Billion?

2. Why have we continued to invest tax money in Banks that are still not loaning money to anyone?

3. Why do we continue to invest tax money in AIG while the gang at the top that has mis-managed them continue to call the shots? Fire them.

4. Why bail out the auto companies? They have proven time and time again they don't know what they are doing. It's time for Bankruptcy, time to renegotiate all the debt and contracts and start over. You know there use to be lots of American car companies at one time and now only the Big 3. Maybe it's time for the Big 2. And yes folks it will cause pain for everyone for a time but let's quit putting off the inevitable.

5. Why do we keep believing politicians? Do we really think any of them know anything about squat?

6. The economy is in the tank, construction is at a stand still and nothing is moving.....but Noblesville Schools think they need to pass a huge building package so they can build new schools and a new workout room at the high school. For what?

Peace Dude!

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