Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hoosiers and their guns.

Hey gang I am a believer in the right to own firearms but. This picture is from today's INDY STAR.
Well gang I have hunted since I was a kid and if this picture is reflective of a Hoosier Hunter then I guess I am confused. Maybe this guy should get some shooting lessons with his gun because I have yet to know a good hunter that needed that gun to shoot a deer.
Peace Dude.


All 4 My Gals said...

Hey, that's Joe's Uncle. LOL

Jacob Perry said...

Good thing the 2nd Amendment gives him the right to own that weapon.

Jeff said...

Hey Nic I just got a kick out of the picture with the article.

Jacob my man, thanks for stopping in. Now you know you and I agree more then we let on. I am totally in support of the second and my post said that. My point was that that particular gun is really only made for battle and not sure it is really needed on the civilian market. We may disagree on that point but you gotta know how to use them which I do or you are even more unsafe.