Saturday, October 18, 2008

VIP Tickets?

Now being the good guy that I am I stood in line with my friendly Hamilton County Republicans to pick up the general admission tickets my Republican wife reserved for the Palin Rally. Well I thought this article on issues with VIP tickets was interesting.
Now I do remember some of my right leaning blogger pals really making a big stink over Senator Obama having a contest for VIP seating or something that required volunteer time. Oh my that was a big where is the outrage now? Was it not my same friends that started calling Obama the Messiah because he was filling concert venues for rallies? Oh my.....
Now interestingly enough there were a couple of quotes in this article earlier this morning about non VIP ticket holders that arrived early and a fence but it has been removed now.
I will say that I really enjoyed my time at the rally and everyone around me was really great and good people to be around. But gang if you are gonna throw rocks move out of your glass houses.
Peace Dude!

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