Friday, October 17, 2008

Sarah Palin Rally in Noblesville!

Yep it's true I stood in line at Hamilton County Republican headquarters and got our three tickets to go see the Gov and VP Candidate Sarah Palin on her visit to Noblesville today. We took Nash with us with his sign about DS Awareness month and cheered for our friend and fellow parent in our world of Down syndrome. We actually got there late and found a really great parking spot and got to see and wave to Governor Palin as she drove by in her motorcade. We got a big smile and a wave and we were proud to be there.
We heard the warm up from Lt Gov Skillman.....................yawn. And why was it cutting a ribbon was more important for Mitch Daniels to attend then this? Has he written off the ticket?
Then we heard a really good stump speech from the Gov. Gosh I wish she was running for Governor her in Indiana. The speech rallied the troops and had everyone clapping and cheering. It was filled with good ole rally the base stuff and was good from that point. She did talk about what I went to hear. She said she would be a friend and advocate for parents of children with Special Needs and that was nice but it was pandering to the disability vote as it has no policy to back it up. So I am glad I went with an open mind and glad I got to see her.
Please hear me loud and clear I think John McCain is a great man and a true American Hero and I think Sarah Palin is an awesome Governor and will be part of our world in the future. But these are the reasons I can't vote for them.
1. Senator McCain's health care plan would cost my family big bucks. We have a very good employer based healthcare plan. Every decision made in our careers since Nash was born with ds has been based around health insurance. While Nash has zero health issues no insurance company will cover him on a stand alone policy in the market place. So if McCain's plan would be in effect we would lose our group plan, get a $5,000 tax credit to buy a $10,000 policy for us and have to go to the high risk pool for a policy for Nash. This plan would cost my family money and piece of mind and security. All of Senator Obama's plans will work for my family.
2. Senator McCain has said he would not offer additional funding for IDEA. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is what allows Nash and other children with disabilities to attend public school. The law has never been funded as promised by Congress in 1975 when passed and causes many issues due to lack of funding. Senator Obama has committed to full funding.
3. Senator McCain also will not fund No Child left Behind. This is bad legislation made worse by no funding. Senator Obama will fix this issue.
Those are my three main reasons. Sure I worry about national security. I lived and worked in the UK at the height of the IRA problems I know what it's like to worry about attacks. But I am one that believes we can work things out through diplomacy just like President Reagan did.
Sure Senator Obama's plans will cost money. How do we pay for them. Well if we can spend $10b a month in Iraq and $700b on a bunch of bums on Wall Street then we can find the money through cutting some waste.
I have tried my best to state my case without any name calling or accusations just the facts. Please feel free to try to convince me why I am wrong on any of the facts above.
oh, ya....speaking of Bill Ayers..... Heard a great point yesterday. As I was driving back from a meeting in IL I was listening to my old Favorite WLS AM and the Roe Cann show out of Chicago. This is a good right wing talk radio station that hosts RUSH. So I found it interesting that in Chicago they are scratching their heads as to the fact that most people in Chicago have never heard Ayres mentioned in Chicago politics until the R's brought him up. I thought that was profound.
Now I am hearing word that you had to make 100 phone calls for the McCain Camp to get VIP tickets. Now I think that is a great idea but the R's blasted the heck out of Obama when you had to do that same for VIP tickets for his event.
Peace Dude.


Anonymous said...

You are focusing on the three issues that concern you most. Fair enough.

The accusations against Obama do not address the issues of the moment, but they do speak to the more lasting issue of Presidential character.

All 4 My Gals said...

Okay let me try here to argue with win again! LOL