Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain Palin and Obama Biden on Education.

I am seeing and hearing all kinds of different versions of policy at this time. I thought I would post on here some of what I have found from both sides. Please comment away about whether you agree or disagree with anything posted.

An Alaskan Parents View on Palin and Special Education:


The Department of Early Development Student and School Achievement is responsible for special education for Alaska schools, gifted education, and the Special Education State Personnel Development Grant which provides money to train and recruit special education teachers. These are all state funded mandates per the budget document.In 2007, the State contributed $5,429,000 in General Funds Receipts to the department.In the 2009 Governors budget, this was increased to $6,253,800This was an increase of $824,000 which is a 15% increase in state funding.How much do you want to bet this was increased before the Governor even found out about her son Trig?

Click on his site and check out the links he has posted and read his entire blog post.

Another good article at Ed Week from the state legislators conference on a meeting with both campaigns education staff.

Senator Obama's remarks to the American Federation of Teachers on education at:

RealClear Politics Good coverage of NCLB but does not mention IDEA.

Just a few things to read. But now here are the links to both candidates education sections of their web sites:

Barack Obama on Education:

Barack Obama on Disabilites:

John McCain on Education:

John McCain does not have a Disability section under issues at this time. But they do have:

Americans with Disabilities for McCain

Well that is a start with more to come.

Peace Dude!

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