Monday, September 22, 2008

The House the taxpayers built!

Now I am 100% a Colt's fan and gladly pay my tax to help pay for the stadium. But now that we have to figure out how to pay for operations I have to ask. My comments in order of the pictures above.
1. First picture is the large suite at Lucas Oil, wonder what it costs to use? How much did that suite cost to furnish? Maybe that suite revenue could pay for operations?
2. Do you really go to a game to sit in a suite and watch a tiny TV next to your seat?
3. Did we really needs Colts logo's in the carpet in the press box?
4. Did Jim Irsay really need pigskin flooring in his office at the Stadium at $100 a square foot?
5. And last but not least the Irsay Throne that I hear cost $1,500.
The Stadium is really awesome and it's great to have the Colts here in Indy and I hope they stay for ever. But with some of these items I think the City, State and The Colts can figure out this operations mess without adding it to the taxpayers tab.
Peace Dude!

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All 4 My Gals said...

I want carpet w/my name on it. LOL That is unreal! I know they somehow make it all seem not only economically feasible but a good investment, but I just can't imagine putting that much money into something when our schools are failing and we have hungry people sleeping on the streets. is pretty! ;)