Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tagged with a Christmas Meme

My good friend Kei has tagged me. It's a good thing Kei and Robert are such very good friends or I would not grant them a bye for being Patriot Fans.....

So here we go.....

What is your favorite thing about the Holiday Season?

My favorite thing about the Season is watching Nash really be into Christmas. He totally is into Santa now, he gets the whole Baby Jesus story, and when he woke up the other morning and we had 4" of snow on the ground....he yelled up the stairs as he run up that it had snowed. He came to my side of the bed and said Daddy, get up it snowed....Daddy get up Santa was here I have to open gotta love it.

What is your favorite Holiday Memory?

Favorite Holiday Memory....hmm...Ok there are a few. My favorite childhood memory was Christmas at my Grandparents house. When I was little I thought their house was huge. My grandparents had 4 boys but one died in a farm accident so it was my dad and my two amazing uncles. From those three boys my grandparents has 16 grand kids. So every Christmas we all went to their house on Christmas day. Some how we all packed into that house and it never seemed crowded. We ate and played and laughed and the best thing was my grandfather always got a case of Coke in the little glass bottles and it was on the front porch. What a treat it was to get an icy cold little Coke from the porch. Then before we new it the red car pulled up and here came Santa to pass out the gifts. I could not believe he was so happy after such a long nights work but was always so thirsty. He had to head to the kitchen every few gifts for a sip thru a straw of a big glass my grandfather had for him. I was about 13 when I realized the glass was full of Bourbon and Seven-Up. How I wish Nash could have experienced one of those Christmas days....but my grandparents are gone, but every time I get the chance to drive by their little tiny farm house I chuckle and wonder how we got all those people in that damn house...

Another favorite memory was the first time I spent Christmas in California with my Mom and Step Dad. I needed to go get something for them so I drove my Step Dads car with the sunroof open and the windows down as it was in the mid 70's and thought to myself now this is the way Christmas was meant to be....but now I am glad to be back in Indiana.

Another Favorite was when I lived in England. I lived in the small village of Uppingham, which is about 2 hours north of London. I was never their for Christmas as I always flew home before the big day. One night a year they had late night shopping where all the store keepers dressed in Dickens era clothing. The streets were filled with Carolers and vendors were selling things like jacket potato's (baked potato's to us yanks) and when everyone was done we met and closed down The Vaults...The BEST PUB IN ALL OF ENGLAND! Jon I hope you somehow get wind of this and know the picture of the Vaults still hangs proudly in my den and I am sure you have never recovered the financial loss of my moving back home.... Cheers Mate!

And last, now my favorite memories change every year as I watch Nash enjoy the season.

What is the best gift you ever gave?

I am not sure about that.... but I am sure my family could answer that one better.

What is the best gift you ever received?

I get them every year when I receive cards from friends from years gone by that I hardly ever see. I hope each of them know how much their friendship still means. And now to add to that we get all these cards from our friends in the DS community and the T21 board and sometimes I have to ask Jan....who the hell is

What is your secret Holiday Wish for this year?

My secret wish for this year is that everyone in the world would learn to once again believe in the power of Santa....and know that the power of belief in a dream can change the world. And I believe in the dream that some day Nash will believe in his Dreams and accomplish everyone of them....and instead of people saying wow....look at what that young man with Down syndrome has done...They would all smile and say...I had no doubt Nash would accomplish that.....

And if the Carpenter from Nazareth had written this I believe he would close with...



Kei said...

I love these! I knew you'd have some great memories.

Nothing beats an ice cold coke in the little glass bottles. I almost bought some the other day. Now I will think of your Christmas memories when I see them.

And... we will forgive you for forgetting we are Cowboy fans living in Patriot territory. You have no idea how hard we cheered the Colts on to beat the Pats last month.

Jeff said...


Glad I lived up to your expectations on this.

I am sorry you are right...I knew that but forgot....all that time Robert sat on the cooler whatching the Sox I just had New England on the brain. Forgive me...but then again you do like Dallas.....oh my.