Sunday, July 01, 2007

I wonder what they are thinking?

In this day and age I really wonder just what the hell our elected officials are thinking. In Washington they spend all their time writing subpoena's, talking over the top of each other or giving some complete and total arrogant obnoxious blond named Ann Coulter a national stage.....

Here in Indiana we have quite a few issues going on. We are finishing a new mega football stadium for the Colts, crime is on the rise, cigarette tax just went up a buck, gas prices are all over the place and property taxes in Indiana just went up around the state from 34% to 200% depending where you live.

But our Governor the infamous Mitch "I worked for GW" Daniels....famous for saying the Legislature just "Car Bombed" his plans....what was he up to this week while these major tax issues were released? Oh, besides raising some obscene amount of money to get himself "RE-Hired" as he likes to call it....but never heard of anyone paying mega millions of dollars to get a is what he was up to:

Meet the latest Hoosier: Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson, host of the CBS television show "The Late Late Show," is a Scot who has applied to be a United States citizen.
But while he is awaiting citizenship, he has been seeking honorary citizenship's from all over the nation.
Last week, Indiana became the latest to try to claim Ferguson. Gov. Mitch Daniels sent Ferguson a letter, which Ferguson read in part on-air, declaring the talk show host "an honorary Hoosier."
Said Ferguson: "I've never been hoos-ed before." Even with the Scottish accent, that's pronounced "hoojed."
In the letter, Daniels said he was extending the honor "because of all you've done for us in Indiana."
That surprised Ferguson.
"I've never been to Indiana," he claimed.
But Daniels had the photos to prove otherwise.
One showed a giant-headed Ferguson standing with Daniels, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and a guy Ferguson described as "some rich dude." That would be Jim "Rich Dude" Irsay, owner of the Colts.
"Can't wait to see you on the next trip," Daniels said in his letter. "We'll stop in Gnaw Bone for the best tenderloin sandwich you'll ever have. Best wishes on your quest for citizenship -- legal and otherwise."

And I thought Republicans were opposed to immigration?

So that is what "Our Man Mitch" was up to this week!


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