Monday, July 16, 2007

I Recieved a Special Award, now it's my turn!

Well the one thing I never expected was to receive an award for this crazy blog of mine....I rant, I rave, I am blunt.....who would have thought!

Michelle at Elliot's Expeditions awarded me with the "Blogger Reflection Award".

This award should make an individual reflect upon five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and who have provided a Godly example. In other words, five dear bloggers whom, when you reflect upon them, you are filled with a sense of pride and joy...of knowing them and being blessed by them.”

This is what Michelle had to say about me.

Okay, I have to add a special dad to my list. Jeff at Big Dawg Tales is one heck of a daddy. His mission is to educate and he states that his dear boy, Nash, is his “hero.” And look out when it comes to people first and accurately appropriate language when speaking about those with special needs and/or disabilities. Jeff has it all right and I pity those who try to tell him otherwise! What more needs to be said. I do think that his wife, Jan, is a very special person as well. Nash is blessed to have such extraordinary parents.

Thanks Michelle, I feel very honored to be selected by you.

Ok, now I hate to say it but that all sounds a little mushy for me. So let's say for my awards it is going to be people that have impacted me in the bloggisphere.

So reach over grab that seat belt...firmly attach it into the buckle and hold on we go.

My first winner is one of the first bloggers I found. Kim Ayres at "Ramblings of the bearded one". My friend Kim also is the father of a wonderful daughter who happens to have Down syndrome. He is also a gifted writer of which I am not. He always shares thoughts and ideas that will make you sit back and think about life as we know it. I look forward to the pint we will share in Scotland some day.

My second choice is Brother B at " Down Syndrome Life" . B. Strong also happens to be a father of a daughter with Down syndrome. B. has been a strong source of belief and reason in a world so filled with neither these days. As I have traveled with him down this road less travelled I consider him a friend I have not yet met in person but hope to soon.

My third award winner is Jan from "Mauzy's Musings". Ok now this is probably cheating since she is my wife but I think her blog is really awesome and I know how much time, effort and thought she puts into it. I also think the pictures of a certain young man named Nash are way too cool.

My fourth award goes to Dave Hingsburger at "Chewing the Fat". Dave's blog has to be one of the best most informed places I have seen on the net. Dave, thanks for being who you are and sharing your beliefs with us all.

My fifth award goes to ....drum roll please.....

Our good friend Nicole at "All 4 My Gals". Nic and Joe are without a doubt two of our dearest friends in the world. Not matter what the deal, no matter where we are we always know they are there for us. We are really lucky to be so close with this whole family. I feel like the Uncle Big Dawg the girls never had and they wish I would go away, well except for my little Marley Bob who totally understands "Peace Dude".

Thanks for providing such inspiration. Following are the rules for you guys:

1. Copy this post.
2. Reflect on five bloggers and write a least a paragraph about each one.
3. Make sure you link this post so others can read it and the rules.
4. Leave your chosen bloggers a comment and let them know they’ve been given the award.
5. Place the award icon on your site



All 4 My Gals said...

Aw I love you Bro! You know you've got my heart. Joe even loves Jan, simply because she's shorter than he is! LOL

Michelle said...

You are all too modest, Jeff! Thanks for responding! Couldn’t help being mushy with my awards. Must be my pregnancy hormones! LOL! Funny, I gave the award to Nicole as well. Take care.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Hey, thanks for the award and the kindly words about my blog. I've been writing Chewing the Fat for just less than a year and am enjoying the web community in a whole new way. Appreciate what you say, I've visited your blog before and agree with michelle, you're too modest!

BStrong said...

Thanks for the award and placing me on the spot. What a pal.


Kim Ayres said...

Thanks for the award, Jeff. I can't help but feel it was probably a dangerous move to place me and BStrong above your wife though. I hope your couch is comfy :)

Jeff said...

This has been fun:

Nic - you are awesome. Keep the faith as we can change the world.

Michelle - thanks again for the honor. Tell you hubby to keep an eye open for a dresser with a side car for me....and remember I need

Dave - thanks for taking the time to post. Keep up the work you are doing my friend. Some day there will be enough of us on the same page to really shake things up and make a difference.

Brother B. - Hey I know you always need a little extra pressure. And as always you stepped up and the new look on the blog is great.

Kim - keep making me think brother. I think I will be ok with my order of choices....but if I have to sleep on the couch the one in my Notre Dame Basement is pretty comfy..


BStrong said...

Kim - I noticed that we were awarded ahead of Jan too. I just didn't want to point it out. That said, when I handed out my awards I stressed that they were given in no particular order, but placed my wife first anyway.

Jeff - How was the couch and tofu dinner last night:) Did Jan serve you bean sprouts too?

Jeff said...

Brother B....ya I noticed you put your wife first. What are we going to do with you.

As for the rest....dinner was wonderful but I cooked to ease the issue....and the couch was

Now I hope you did notice she did not give me the award back....hmmmm


Archie said...

Uh oh...
Now you have your second award. Don't worry, I don't think you have to award five more. But if you do, you know who goes first this time...

Wil's Wheels said...

You and Jan are amazing and both deserve the award. Gosh, Nash is so cute and handsome all at once.

I thank you and Jan for helping publicize Love for Parker.

Leticia said...

I got this award from Jaden's Journal's Noelle. What an honor! Congrats!
How that you're famous:
I am hosting the first ever Down sydrome blog carnival tomorrow August 12th, on Cause of Our Joy . If you have a favorite post about Down syndrome to share, please email it to me ASAP, and I'll post it.
Don't worry if you missed this one, we'll be doing this every week on different blogs, so you can join in another time, or host it yourself. I just thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know one another better and spread Down syndrome awareness.
Hope to see you at the carnival