Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bama Breeze Tour 2007

Well for all of us in Central Indiana summer is over! Jimmy was in town last night for his Bama Breeze Tour 2007 and it was great.

We headed out for a quick bite and a couple Margarita's on the way and then off to the show out at Deer Creek (a.k.a Verizon Music Center) Music center which is here in the town we live and may be the best outside venue in the country.

The mood was great, the people were wild and fun and the music was the best. Got to hear the new stuff and most of the old stuff with everything in between.

Make sure you check out Margaritaville Online for all the latest info on Jimmy and his beach empire. I will put in a little plug for Landshark Lager it is truly a good beer and look forward to enjoying a few more soon. So if you like Corona I think you are going to love Landshark.....

Well I just blew out my flip flop cause I stepped on a pop top so I better fly...


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Kim Ayres said...

Are you away all summer or hav you abandoned blogging?