Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm Back!

Yes it has been to long. I have been mostly over on Facebook of late but I am tiring of the site. While I love the fact that I have reconnected with many old friends around the country it does not quite give me the soap box I like. So it's time to rev up The Tales again.

I will be talking about Nash, Down syndrome, Down Syndrome Indiana, Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome, disability Issues, The Arc of Indiana and The National Down Syndrome Society. I will be rambling about the things that make me crazy and ranting about politics and the nuts on both sides.

Take the fact that the local Hamilton County Democrats are all pissed off that the condidate they picked lost in the primary. So now they are demanding he step aside so they can put thier guy back in the race. Give me a break. Hey Party. it the voters that rule not the Party you goof balls.

You know some fun stuff like that.


Kim Ayres said...

Welcome back :)

Jeff said...

Thanks Kim, it's good to be back if I can figure out what to write about and get flowing again. Hope all is well with the photo biz.

Tara said...

Finally, a blog my husband can follow! :) I've been following all the other moms in bloggyland and he just rolls his eyes. Maybe you can talk him into DADS.

Jeff said...

Tara, thanks for commenting. I would be thrilled to talk to your hubby about DADS anytime he wants. Let him know I am one of the original founding members of the organization. You will also see a comment above from Kim. Kim is one of my close friends in the Down Syndrome Community but he lives in Scotland. You will see we both talk about Down syndrome from time to time but talk about many other things. I hope we meet sometime soon.