Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hamilton County Democrats are well............

Once again the Hamilton County Indiana Democrats prove they have no idea how to actually win an election. You would think they would have learned something from Team Obama as much time as they were here during the election. Team Obama showed them how to get out and work for the candidate and not spend all you time just trying to bad mouth you opponent. Guess it did not stick. All this group does is bad mouth Congressman Dan Burton (now to be honest Dan deserves some of it for sure) who is our currently elected 5th district congressman.

Now they cruise into the primary with their candidate Dr. Nassar Hannah who they thought would be able to beat Burton. Well he is a nice guy but the name left me scratching my head in the 5th at this time in history. Dr. Hannah and I chatted for quite awhile and a really great guy but I told him I thought his name would be a problem unless he really got out there. They did not. They lost to some guy no one even knows. Now they find out he has very little in common with the D's the 5th district.

So know The Party has decided the guy the VOTERS picked to step down so THEY can put the guy back in the voters did not choose. What a country.

Peace Dude.

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