Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stimulus Shimulus!

I am always intrigued why we all think for some reason we are sending smart people to Washington. No we send people to DC that have the goal of getting to DC that try to never get caught doing anything wrong and are afraid to rip someone's head off or make anyone mad......well guess what....we have exactly what we deserve....

Right now the only difference between Obama's package and Bush's package is the money on this package is going to the Demo's buddy's and the first went to the Repub's buddy's. That is it......a total wast of time and money. It will not turn the economy won't stimulate the economy and I wish you all would get smart enough to know the goverment does not create jobs......they may hire on the gov't level but they don't create jobs in the private sector....

The only people that can fix the economy is you and let's go do it. Pull your money out of the stock market, tell the credit card companies to pound sand and be like the folks in DC and don't pay taxes and then go start a business.

Peace Dude

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