Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Education rules in for sweeping change

The State Board of Education adopted a sweeping agenda of deregulatory reform today, overhauling a host of rules that have guided schools for years.

Two quotes interested me in this article:

1.New Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett had campaigned for the changes while running for office and said they will "uncuff the hands of our very talented administrators and our very caring school boards."

Dr. Bennett I thought the Administrators and School Boards were the problem with spending on buildings and not getting the cash to the classroom. I really thought I remembered your ads saying you were going to support the teachers. Did I misunderstand?

2. For instance, under the new rules, a high school swimmer spending four hours a day practicing swimming could be exempted from physical education classes so he or she could take other courses, Bennett said.

Dear Noblesville School Board, based on this fact why do so many student athletes need to take advanced PE in your proposed $6 million wellness (health club) center???

Peace Dude!

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