Monday, February 18, 2008

Seven Years!

It is very hard for me to get my hands around the fact that 7 years ago Saturday Nash arrived into my world. Seven years ago today I was still trying to get my hands around the label Down syndrome. Someday's I still am.

As I think back, those memories of Nash being born and then being told he has Down syndrome are as clear as yesterday and at the same time seem 100 years ago. We have come a long way since that day.

As a family we are involved in every aspect of his life. And you know all the things I thought would be a challenge 7 years ago had to do with Nash. Today all the challenge's seem to be with the so called professionals. You know the group, School Corporations, Administration, Principals, Teachers, State Government, Department of Education, Professors, Elected Officials ect.

You know I hear all day long on radio, television and in the newspapers that the problem with schools is parents are not invovled. Then when it is us pesky parents of children with disabilities that qualify for Special Education Supports and Services and that have acutally educated ourselves, then we are just greedy and want everything under the sun. No we just did what you asked us to do, be educated and involved in our kids education and have actually read the law and kept up with the changes that have been made to IDEA. And they just really hate the fact that we understand our rights about that law passed in 1975 that they are still trying to figure out.

Here is a hint folks: Treat us with a little respect. Understand that we have put in many hours of education ourselves on this issue and we want to work with you for the best results. Don't play games with us about who is coming and who is not to the case conference. Don't try to double speak about best practices and staffing. Just treat us with fairness and respect and we will make progress that everyone will be happy with.

Ya, you guessed it our case conference is next week and everytime I try to go in being positive and everytime they try to treat me like I don't know anything and piss me off......ok breathe I will be fine by next week but really just needed to vent.

So thanks for letting me vent....

I am amazed at the things Nash has done over the last 7 years and I have no doubt the next 7 are going to be even more amazing....I am so proud of you Buddy...

Anyway, sorry I have been AWOL but it has been a busy time around here and I think I bored many of you with my shift toward politics. So I think the Tales will be dedicated stricktly to family, Down syndrome and disability issues and I will start a new blog for politics....

What do you think?

Peace Dude!


Kei said...

Dude~ it's your blog... you can blog about whatever you want, whenever you want! Politics, disability issues, family, Down syndrome, etc... it's all part of you & your thinking... why split it into two blogs?

I hope Nash had a wonderful birthday!

Kim Ayres said...

Happy Birthday to Nash! Hope he had a great day :)

You rant about whatever you want - as Kei says, it's your blog. I'll still look in even if I don't comment about the politics as I can't vote in your country

Archie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nash!
I've just been out of the loop for a while. I don't mind the political stuff - it all ties together anyway, right?

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nash!