Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Early Election Choices!

Ok gang here are my choices for the offices I have researched and decided on to this point. Now I could still change my mind before election day so if you are running and not on the list give me a call and convince me. You will notice that my choices are not a straight ticket. While to many peoples dismay I have gone from a Reagan Republican to a Democrat but I still vote for the person not the party as you will see.

1. President of the United States - Barack Obama, if you read my blog you will see why.

2. United States Representitive District 5 - John McGoff - I have met John and he seems like a good guy that will work hard for the district. Bottom line on this one is Dan Burton needs to go play golf.....well let me re-phrase that...Dan Burton needs to play golf but no longer on the taxpayer's dime. Bye Bye Dan!

3. State Senate District 30 - Luke Kenley - this may surprise people but I respect Senator Kenley for many reasons. While I may not always agree with him he is the single best person for the job bar none. The R's in Hamilton County especially on the Council and Commission seem to have it out for him but I think he will do just fine.

4. State Representitive District 29 - Kathy Richardson - Well I also respect Kathy I was a bit surprised that she is running unopposed. I know Kathy is the hometown lady but she needs to defend some of her decesions at the State House. Maybe next election..

5. I will not go into the Judge and other county offices that don' have a challenger.

6. Judge of Circuit Court - I need to do more research on this one.

7. County Commissioner District 2 - I think Steve Dillinger is a good guy that does a good job. He has some challengers and I am looking for some good things from Jeff Curtis but it will be tough. I will hold my choice at this time.

8. County Commissioner District 3 - Steve Holt - Good guy but have some issues with decesions made by he an Commish Altman.

9. County Council - At Large - Elect 3 - Chris Brown and Ford Hebner I hope will be the two new guys and I will cast my third vote for Brad Beaver. The others needs to go and we will see how Brad does over the next term.

10. Noblesville School Board.....hmmm this is interesting..I need to do much more reseach on this one and this will include a few posts between now and May.

That is all for now gang......

But no matter whethere you agree or your persone and get out and vote.


Kim Ayres said...

Obama is the only one I've heard of

All 4 My Gals said...

Lead the way baby!