Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why is it?

In recent months and weeks it seems that the media Moguls have decided what people can say on the air and not. Here are some examples of out of control behavior that got most what they deserve.

1. Micheal Richards of Seinfeld fame got booted out of comedy for using the "N" word at a comedy club....He should have.

2. Don Imus got his final punishment for using a group of words I have no idea why our how he even came up with....

3. Now the record Moguls are starting to look at HIP HOP lyrics....

4. Today Ruben Navarrette Jr. wrote a commentary on CNN about people repeating the use of the "W" word. He also talked about using the "N" word and the "f" word.

All of this quite accurate in my opinion. The other thing I agree with completely with the Don Imus issue, it is not right for people on radio and TV to pick on people that have not entered public life. Don Imus has done some great things in fund raising and I am sure he will be back soon but he messed up. But others seem to get away with it

But here is what I don't understand. Why are all these things not appropriate but the "R" word gets thrown around like it's no big deal. The "R" word is the shortened slang version of Mental Retardation a medical diagnosis. Comedians use it all the time and everyone laughs,Rush Limbaugh has used it and nothing, people use it in the office every time they make a mistake or do anything else that they can find a reason to so they are retarded or that is so retarded. It drives me nuts.

Yes I am your average middle aged white guy but I happen to have a son that has Down syndrome which is classified as mild mental retardation and it really gets under my skin. And of late some Comedians like Chris Rock have actually said they have Down syndrome. Saturday Night Live actually had a skit referring to someones father as having Down syndrome. Now I am just one guy but I can confirm that I use to watch Saturday Night Live and I always liked Chris Rock but neither has to worry about my tuning in to any of their stuff in the future. Hey I know they don't care but I do.

Talk about a group of individuals that have not entered public life, have not done anything to be singled out. If the fine ladies of Rutgers can't defend themselves (which I think they did a fine job on their own)with out the help of the media and Rev Sharpton and Rev Jackson I wonder when the Rev Jackson and Sharpton will stand up against the "R" Word? Let's not forget that Down syndrome and Mental Retardation know no racial bounds.

Ok, I am done and am getting down off my soap box.

In the words of my wonderful niece.....PEACE DUDE!


Michelle said...

Please do stay on your "soap box." It gets under my skin too. BTW, thanks for posting comments on my blog as well. I'm still new to the blog world (as well as to the world of Down syndrome) and I was happy to see your comments! You and Jan are dear people.

Kei said...

Seems like the perfect time to have Soeren's speech make the internet rounds again. I'll be posting it on my blog later today.

Thanks Jeff